dariahTeach collaborates to a poster at «Salon des Digital Humanities», 15 May 2015, Geneva

For the first time in the «Rencontres Histoire et Cité» (Geneva, CH) was organized a DH event by Infoclio,  the «Salon des Digital Humanities», on the 15th of May 2015. In this manifestation, a team of the University of Lausanne and of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics has presented a poster on a new platform for editing digital multimedia, the eTalks (see etalk.vital-it.ch).

© Claire Clivaz - CC-BY 4.0

© Claire Clivaz – CC-BY 4.0

Teach was mentioned on this poster among the collaborators, since the module «Audio-visual Media and Multimodal Literacies» hopes to develop a learning tool to help users to do their own eTalks, on a virtual machine. A short video explains how an eTalk works.
An article has been published in open access by Claire Clivaz, Marion Rivoal and Martial Sankar in the proceedings of the Elpub meeting 2015 (1-3 September 2015), in which the project dariahTeach is mentioned: Claire Clivaz, Marion Rivoal et Martial Sankar, 2015, «A New Platform for Editing Digital Multimedia : The eTalks» in Schmidt, B. & Dobreva, M. (éds), New Avenues for Electronic Publishing in the Age of Infinite Collections and Citizen Science : Scale, Openness and Trust, Amsterdam (The authors and IOS Press), p. 156-159 (DOI : 10.3233/978-1-61499-562-3-156).