#dariahTeach recently presented a poster at the annual international meeting in Digital Humanities, DH2015 (Sydney, Austrialia) led by ADHO, the umbrella organisation of DH associations. Claire Clivaz (UNIL, CH) and Stef Scagliola (EUR, NL) presented the poster on behalf of the dariahTeach team. The poster generated a lot of interest with participants keen to learn more about how #dariahTeach was planning on developing open source, freely-accessible learning materials in DH.

The poster highlighted the main features of the project: differentiation in complexity, multilingualism, continuous access, autonomous teaching units, integration of results from national and international DH research and infrastructure projects. The poster presented the initial five modules: Introduction to Digital Humanities, Text Encoding, Multimodal Literacies and Audio-Visual Media, Retrodigitising Dictionaries, and Ontologies and Knowledge Management, as well as project partners and the project’s goals.

Teaching and Digital Humanities was a recurrent topic at the conference. Prior to the conference a mini conference – Innovation in Digital Humanities Pedagogy – was held in which many experienced DH-lecturers shared their methods and teaching material on how to improve digital competencies. Contributing to the platform was discussed and there was quite a bit of interest in contributing to the  #dariahTeach platform.