#dariahTeach was presented and discussed at Europeana Research Workshop for AV in DH, hosted at the Royal Library in Copenhagen.

The workshop, held in collaboration with DIGHUMLAB-dk, DARIAH RE and TRE (Transnational Radio Encounters), targeted AV archives and collections, metadata, methods and tools, accessibility and intellectual property rights for transnational collaboration in HE research and training communities as well as in community engagement og citizen productions.Capture d’écran 2015-10-08 à 23.18.39


Among the participants were LARM.dk, TRE, EUScreenXL, Beeld en Geluid as well as the Danish Broadcast Company and the National Media Collection and Medie Stream at the Danish State Library.

The workshop addressed the question of data cycles and ecosystems of resources and made recommendations for gap analyses and for addressing public domain challenges for access and training. Dissemination of AV in DH was stressed as an impact factor for enhancing the value chain of multimodal literacies in both education systems and for creative use.

A number of actions were proposed, and the workshop will work with working groups in DARIAH RE, constitute a network of expertise for DARIAHteach’s Multimodal Literacies module, and propose a preconference workshop at DH2016 in collaboration with ADHO Special Interest Group for AV in DH.