On the 7th and 8th of June, all the members of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics have joined in Biel for two special days. For the first time, the Digital Humanities were present in such a manifestation with the projects of the Vital-DH team@Vital-IT (Martial Sankar, Sara Schulthess, Ioannis Xenarios, Claire Clivaz; infrastructure support: sysops@vital-it.ch).

#dariahTeach was presented as an important project on the general poster, and as partner on the poster on the eTalks (see joined images).Slide1

In a very interesting way, the interdisciplinarity  with the digitized Humanities was explicitly or implicitly present in some talks of the SIB days: both fields seem to have interesting experiments, techniques and tools to share.

David B. Searls (Philadelphia, USA) had a keynote lecture on “James Joyce’s Ulysses: A bioinformatics perspective”. For Searl, Joyce’s stylistic experimentation and embrace of complexity call to mind the problems and method with which bioinformatics deals, in its approaches to life at a micro level and the scientific literature at a meta level.

Slide1Patrick Ruch (SIB, Lausanne) presented an approach of digital annotation that could be usefully crossed with the extent approaches in DH («neXtA5: Accelerating Annotation of Articles via Automated Approaches in neXtProt»).

#dariahTeach is a project in digitized Humanities that is able to engage a wide interdisciplinary dialogue, as the team experimented in the discussions about the poster on Multimodal literacies and academic publishing.