The #dariahTeach platform will be presented at the DARIAH Day@UZH Event which will take place this coming December in Zurich, Switzerland. DARIAH Day is a one day workshop intended to introduce the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) to the linguistic community in Zurich. The workshop will focus on the #dariahTeach platform and more particularly on two of the courses developed in the platform, XML and TEI, which will be presented by Toma Tasovac, and Multimodal Literacy, to be presented by Claire Clivaz.

Participants will:

– Discover European infrastructures for digital humanities

– Learn the basics of XML / TEI

– Find out how to use the Multimodal Literacies eTalk tool

– Meet representatives of two leading European networks (DARIAH-EU and CLARIN ERIC)

If you want to participate in this event then send a message to specifying the session(s) that you will attend. While the topics may be of particular interest to students and researchers of linguistic fields, participants from other fields are welcome as well!

You can read more about the DARIAH Day @ UZH here.