20 ECTS MA module ‘Design Thinking and Making in the Arts and Sciences’

Generous EU funding has permitted a team of academics and creative industry partners from three different countries to start developing a new teaching and learning resource for the digital arts and humanities:

IGNITE is an interdisciplinary and technology-driven initiative creating a 20 ECTS course entitled ‘Design Thinking & Making in the Arts and Sciences’ from April 2018 to July 2020. This module will be delivered via the #dariahTeach platform and is divided into 5 ECTS units which can be taken together or independently. The six units of the IGNITE module will especially introduce students and professionals in the cultural heritage sector to game design, 3D modelling and digital storytelling. It will thus encourage collaborations between libraries, galleries, archives, museums or other heritage-focused institutions and the innovation-/production-centred cultural and creative industries. Last but not least, the module will equip students in traditional humanities disciplines with technical skills that may foster their careers outside their subject areas.

Several units of this new module will first be taught within MA programmes at Aarhus (Denmark) and Maastricht (the Netherlands) Universities in spring 2019. At the same time, the consortium will be inviting students to take the units online and in F2F focus groups. Join us on this exciting journey and get in touch with the IGNITE team if you have questions or suggestions.

IGNITE and #dariahTeach on social media: